Self Hosted CI
Because avoiding vendor lock-in doesn't have to be hard.

Self hosted CI Why Don’t you enjoy how everything is for free these days? You host your code for free, you get a free CI with computing resources for free. And you don’t even need an IDE or a workstation. Everybody loves free things. But as someone said, “if you don’t pay for the product, you are the product”. Is that really true in every case? I don’t know. What I do know though, is...

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Introducing fuzzygui
You know, for fuzzy search

Introducing fuzzygui Recently I started using the awesome fzf tool both from withing vim but also for other use cases (e.g. in combination with pass). If you haven’t used fuzzy search before, please try that. It will change the way you work for ever. One simple example on how to use it with pass is the following function (just put it in your .bashrc): # Fuzzy finder for pass manager (regex removes extensions ;) )...

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Kubernetes VS PaaS

Kubernetes VS PaaS
Can a developer skip PaaS and consume raw Kubernetes?

Kubernetes VS PaaS Can a developer skip PaaS and consume raw Kubernetes? If you asked me 3 years ago, I would probably define the professional part of myself as a “Rails developer”. Back then, most of my new projects started with a proof of concept deployed on a free Heroku account. The reason is simple, that was the fastest way to get my Ruby application live. At the same time it was the cheapest (free...

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First steps in 3D printing

First steps in 3D printing
Introducing my open source 3D objects

First steps in 3D printing About a year ago, as part of SUSE’s HackWeek I started building my own electronic drum kit. So ambitious was I, that I wanted to create every single part of it, the module included. For those of you who don’t know what the drum module is, it’s the thing that converts your actions (hits on the drum triggers) to MIDI events and eventually to sound. I hate to admit that...

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Short CV
Applied Mathematics and Physics
Spectro Cloud, SUSE,,,
Golang, Ruby, Kubernetes, Containers, Linux
Linux, MATE+i3, vim
Passions and Interests
Family, Programming, Running, Sea, Music, Motorcycles