First steps in 3D printing

About a year ago, as part of SUSE’s HackWeek I started building my own electronic drum kit. So ambitious was I, that I wanted to create every single part of it, the module included. For those of you who don’t know what the drum module is, it’s the thing that converts your actions (hits on the drum triggers) to MIDI events and eventually to sound.

I hate to admit that after reading and learning about peak detectors and multiplexers and a lot of other interesting stuff, I ended up buying a used drum module from Alesis for 100 euros after a year cause the project was stalled.

The good news is that I bought my first 3D printer in order to print the connectors for the drum kit mount and other things. Being a developer I found a lot of joy creating my things in OpenSCAD. At last, my code can create objects in the real world!

I created a GitHub project to host all my things and I made it public for everybody to benefit. I will keep adding information and READMEs to make it more complete but most of my scad files are parametric so you can tweak them to your needs. Let me know if you find any of these interesting or need help. Enjoy:


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